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The Churchill Suites, Randolph & Winston, Oxford

PRICE: from £725 per night
SIZE: 30 m² or 323 ft² (average)

The Old Parsonage has decided to bring together a truly fascinating story linking Sir Winston Churchill, his son Randolph Churchill, the famous Oxford-based émigré sculptor Oscar Nemon, and Blenheim Palace.

On the second floor of the hotel, we have curated an amazing collection of rare photographs and memorabilia within our spectacular ‘Winston’ and ‘Randolph’ suites and the lobby outside. You will find a visual tribute to Winston Churchill, his son Randolph and their family. Some of the photographs reflect the close relationships that developed between Winston, Randolph and Nemon as the sculptor worked on portraits of both men.

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Oscar Nemon...

Coincidently, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the time when Oscar Nemon first met and sculpted Winston Churchill in 1951 at La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh, where they were both staying as guests. During the course of working on subsequent, formal portraits of Churchill for Windsor Castle, the Guildhall, and other historic locations, later including the Members’ Lobby in the House of Commons, a warm personal relationship developed between the two men. Having come to Britain as a refugee, and lost almost all his family to the Holocaust, Nemon’s admiration for his sitter was deep-seated.

We are extremely fortunate to have acquired a life size bronze bust of Winston Churchill by Nemon, which happens to be the first bust of its kind to be exhibited in Oxford. It is located on a special plinth, in pride of place, within the context of Oscar Nemon at work on his creations. We thank the Nemon family for providing such a unique collection of photographs and artefacts.

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Winston & Randolph...

As an interesting aside, the Old Parsonage Hotel and Parsonage Grill has its own rich history dating back to before 1600, occupying an historic location on the original outer boundary of Oxford City, where during the English Civil War, the Roundheads fought with the Cavaliers back in 1650. It is probably on the exact route that a traveller from Boars Hill to Woodstock would have taken in the old days.

We have chosen to celebrate the coming together of the main characters in this intriguing tale. Nemon was introduced to Randolph by Churchill, as he would be to Churchill’s daughters Diana, Sarah and Mary. With Churchill’s and Randolph’s well-documented appreciation of the finer aspects of life, we like to think that had Winston, Randolph and Nemon had seen the Old Parsonage in its present guise, they might have frequented our special hotel and restaurant and also approved of our unique tribute to them.

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Blenheim Palace...

Our Churchill/Nemon installation coincides with the much publicised and carefully curated Blenheim Palace Churchill Exhibition which was launched on the very day that the third Covid 19 Lockdown was lifted and the `Churchill Suites’ and the rest of our hotel accommodation was allowed to reopen. It also ties in beautifully with the recent publication of a hardback book, ‘Churchill & Son’ by Josh Ireland, which explores and explains the extraordinary relationship between Lord Randolph, father of Winston Churchill, Winston and his favoured son, Randolph.

The two suites will have at hand a copy of Josh Ireland’s ‘Churchill & Son’ and two sizes of replica bronze resin busts of Sir Winston Churchill, which are available for our guests to purchase. Also on display will be a number of booklets on the history of Oscar Nemon, highlighting his talent and explaining his extraordinary life’s journey. For those interested, our reception desk will arrange a special visit to the Blenheim Palace Churchill Exhibition.

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– King bed
– Freestanding bath
– Complimentary Seasonal fruit
– Electric blackout Blinds
– Lounge Seating Area
– Nespresso Coffee Machine
– Walk-in Rainfall shower
– Twin Vanity Unit / Double basin
– Sumptuous La-Eva toiletries
– Underfloor bathroom heating
– Eclectic modern art
– Bespoke leather writing desk
– One bottle of complimentary mineral water
– Complimentary car parking
– Exclusive resident’s library
– Complimentary use of ‘The Oxford Collection’ bicycles

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For the best available rates book your stay direct and receive exclusive perks, including £20 credit to spend in any of our restaurants.

Click ‘BOOK ROOM’ below to check the availability of our Churchill Suites and prices. To speak to a member of our Reservations Team call 01865 310210, option 1, or email

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